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England Bike Tours and Cycling Holidays in Yorkshire, UK. Come and relax in Yorkshire, take in the cities, the countryside, the dales, the architecture, the animals, the amazing local food and everything else that North Yorkshire has to offer. Use our bicycles to take as much in as you can, let us do all the hard work and plan it for you!

England Bike Tours and UK Cycling Holidays from SCOOT

Yorkshire, UK. The best place for a cycling holiday and Scoot can find the perfect combination for you


Themed holidays

If you have a particular interest, you might like to choose one of our special themed holidays.  We are adding a new wildlife-themed route for 2015.  What are your special interests?

Food lovers

Gourmet Gallop is an ideal coast-to-coast ride for those of you who enjoy longer days on the bikes and a really good meal at the end of the day.  We find the best there is in Yorkshire for your supper each evening and include this in your holiday package.  Good choices for vegetarians too!

Gourmet food

Literature, TV & film

The stunning Yorkshire scenery has inspired novelists and poets for many years, from the gifted Bronte family to James Herriot's humorous tales of a Yorkshire vet.  These days the countryside and historic houses are often used for TV or movie sets.  Wuthering Heights was filmed in Wensleydale a few years ago.  Castle Howard is a must for fans of Brideshead Revisited and Newby Hall was the setting for many scenes for Jane Austen's Mansfield Park. And if you love Downton Abbey you may have noticed that place names in Yorkshire are mentioned a lot in the script - York, Ripon, Malton etc.  The story is set in this county!


Themed holidays

Scoot takes care of all the detail.  We know Yorkshire and where to find the best cycling to suit you.

Choose Scoot because we have the knowledge and can put you at ease. No need for you to work it out. Let us show you the best of Yorkshire.


The Yorkshire coastline, Humber estuary and Yorkshire Wolds are great locations for bird-watchers and all lovers wildlife.  This area - Yorkshire's Nature Triangle - can be explored by bicycle at your leisure.  Our routes will take you to several nature reserves maintained by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, with details on what wildlife to look out for at each location.  Ask us about our Wildlife Tour.Great wildlife

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Scoot Cycling Code

Please click the symbol for our SCOOT Cycling Code.


Take some time off and come to Yorkshire to explore some of the best of England's heritage sites.  Have a look at our Grand Tour or Dales Adventure if you would like to visit abbeys, castles and grand country houses while cycling around England's green and pleasant land.

Art and History

Art and photography lovers have enjoyed our holiday Hockney's Bigger Ride, which takes you to locations in East Yorkshire that inspired David Hockney and then on to Saltaire by train from York to see some of his work.  If you have an interest in history, we suggest Cities and Battlefields, a single base holiday that allows you to cycle to various battlefields over a long weekend.  The Castle Museum in York is highly recommended too.


David Hockney Art


A day on foot

Some of our guests like to have a break from a day in the saddle and go for a good country walk.  We can make suggestions and give walking routes - just remember to pack your boots (they can travel in your luggage)!


SCOOT Cycling Code

At SCOOT CYCLING HOLIDAYS we believe that everyone should make the most of Yorkshire's fabulous outdoors as often as possible, whether it’s cycling, riding, walking or running. There are many occasions when we will share space with others. This guide will help us ensure that we all explore safely and courteously.




  • Please cycle with consideration for other users at all times, whether they are pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders or drivers. Give way to pedestrians and always acknowledge those who give way to you.
  • Cycle only within your capabilities and match your speed to the surface and your skills
  • Let somebody know your route in advance and when you expect to be back
  • Try to get to the start and finish of your cycle ride by public transport



Many traffic free routes are used.  Some may be part of the National Cycle Network or possibly a disused railway line. Remember that they are suitable not only for cyclists, but walkers, horse riders and wheelchair users – please show respect for others and follow a few simple guidelines.  That way everyone gets the benefit.


  • Keep to your side of any dividing line
  • Do not cycle at high speed, you must be prepared to slow down or even stop suddenly
  • Be cautious when you approach junctions and bends
  • Be aware that many people are hard of hearing or visually impaired, they may not know you are there
  • Use your bell to alert people that you are there
  • Always give way to wheelchair users and horse riders



  • Follow the Country Code
  • Take your litter home
  • Respect farming, forestry and other land management activities
  • Keep erosion at bay by limiting the impact of off road cycling
  • In remote areas carry some food, water, repair kit, waterproofs, map and mobile phone



Our planned routes use minor roads through towns


  • Follow the highway code
  • Make sure you are visible – especially at junctions where most accidents happen
  • Keep lights on in poor visibility or darkness
  • Wear a helmet and colourful clothing
  • Make sure your bike is roadworthy
  • Do not cycle on pavements – unless specifically designated and keep to your side of a shared path
  • Alert pedestrians with your bell






Download the Scoot Cycling Code as a PDF


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